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The Wing Migration Project

Since I became the Wing Family of America Historian in 2015 I have been working on a project to trace the migration of our ancestors from Cape Cod in 1640. So far I have produced three items.  The first is a Power Point which traces the movement of the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of John, Daniel and Stephen Wing and their wives.  With a combination of maps and lists it identifies where almost all of them died.  I have used Volume I of the Wing Genealogy and the Wing Family of America database to research where they were born, where they lived and where they died.  The Power Point focuses on where they died because that location is often a starting point for the next generation, a step towards us who are their descendants.  Occasionally a person moved to be with a child as they faced their own demise.  If most of their life was lived elsewhere, that is where I have listed them.  Most of our ancestors were born, lived and died in the same county (or a neighboring one). A few of them lived in so many places that they could be assigned to a variety of locations, and I would gladly entertain arguments against the choices I have made.  And a few people are not accounted for because we have too little information about them. 

For the children and grandchildren I have used the numbers assigned to them in Volume I.  The WFA has made a commitment to research and publish the lines of each grandchild.  (There is an inevitable confusion around the fact that the numbering begins with the children of the Wing brothers.  So the next volumes will trace the descendants of the brothers’ grandchildren whom we might also refer to as the greatgrandchildren of John and Deborah Wing.)  Most of my language follows the numbers.  Thus, in my latest Power Point I have focused on the grandchildren of the brother’s grandchildren.  They are the last generation numbered in Volume I. 

Since there are almost 1,400 descendants in this generation I limited my second Power Point to maps of their locations.  Then I put together a Word Document which lists the place of death for the vast majority of them. Sadly there are more people that we know next to nothing about, a problem which becomes huge in the next two generations after them.  I have sought to indicate which grandchild each person is descended from.  In the first Power Point I put the grandparent’s number in front of each of their descendants.  In my list for the second Power Point I put the number in front of a series of names and only change it when the grandparent changes.  This approach makes clear how much of the migration was a family affair.

I have almost finished the next generation of John’s descendants and have done over half of the research for the following generation.  My goal is to cover these two generations in the next four years, D. V. 

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