September 28, 2011


Hello Cousins,

If you were unable to attend the reunion this June in Chattanooga, TN you sure missed a good one, featuring good food, activities and entertainment. You can read all about it in the next issue of the Owl for 2011, being prepared now. A special thank you to District 6 representative, and Reunion Chairman, William “Bill” Wing and his wife, Sarah, also to their able assistants, Gary Wing and David and Lois Smith for making the event a big success.

FUND RAISING CHALLENGE During the reunion Nancy Myers, Western Districts Head challenged the Eastern Districts Head, Betty Meiring, to a contest to determine which group; East or West could raise the most donations through May 31, 2012 for use in restoration and maintenance of the Fort House and Caretaker home. Districts 1 through 7 make up the Eastern Districts and Districts 8 through 14 are in the Western Districts.

Rules – “Challenge” must be written on the memo line on the check or money order. Donations through PayPal should mention “Challenge” to be counted towards the total. The Treasurer will keep the official tally and report the winning group during the 2012 Reunion. Since there are approximately twice as many members in the Eastern Districts, the Board imposed this added rule, the winners will be determined on a per capita basis to make the challenge more fair. Each District Representative has accepted this challenge and will strive to make their head the winner. The Board thanks everyone who participates in this challenge.

PLYMOUTH ARCHAEOLOGICAL REDISCOVER PROJECT (PARP) REPORT The Final report from Craig Chartier, director of PARP, has been received. The Board gave permission for Craig to post this report on his Facebook page. We plan on establishing (posting) a link to it on the WFA website. The report is 220 pages long with another 100 plus pages of charts listing the artifacts recovered. A few members have expressed a desire to obtain a CD copy of the report.

Treasurer, Larry Wing and Project Coordinator, Frank Wing have established a procedure to temporarily make the report available through December 2011. Members desiring to obtain a copy of the report on a CD should send a check for $5 to WFA, in care of Larry E. Wing, Treasurer before December 15, 2011.

2012 REUNION DATES ANNOUNCED Raymond Wing, Chairman has announced the dates and location for the reunion on Cape Cod. The dates are June 15, 16, &17, 2012. Reunion headquarters and lodging will be at The Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis, 25 Scudder Ave, Cape Cod, Hyannis, MA. A block of rooms have been reserved for attendees. Planning is progressing, look for added details in the 2011 Owl and on the WFA website. Registration forms and final details will be mailed with the Spring 2012 newsletter. Registration will begin on Friday at the Fort House in East Sandwich. Raymond reports a Facebook page has been created for the reunion.

MEMBERSHIP STATUS Our Corresponding Secretary Toni Nash reported the current membership stands at 627 annual and 279 life for a total of 906 members. Included in the 627 are several members that have not been paid for the membership year ending in 2012. Also included are 78 members whose dues are two years in arrears, and will be removed from the membership rolls if their dues are not paid by Thanksgiving. They will not receive the 2011 Owl.

Toni also requests that you keep your postal and e-mail addresses current. This will make her job easier and will insure delivery of newsletters and Owl. I may be preaching to the choir, it you receive this message and your information is current. Please communicate this message to any family member you know that didn’t receive their newsletter.

FUTURE GENEALOGY PUBLICATIONS The Publishing Oversight Committee, chaired by former President Jeff Miller reports they are close to having the guidelines developed for volunteer genealogy editors of the grandchildren of the brothers, John, Daniel and Stephen, the three sons of Deborah and Rev. John Wing. These genealogies, one for each grandchild, potentially 92, will be prepared by volunteers using the data provided to them from the Genealogist. The committee will provide assistance and coordination for the volunteer editors, guidelines and details, take pre-publication orders and arrange for printing/publishing the Volume. The book, after the initial orders will be available “on demand” from the publisher.

Members interested in possibly editing the genealogy of the grandchild ancestor in your line can contact, Jeff Miller for more details and information at or by postal mail at address: 871 Highway $140 Le Grand, CA 95333

A MAJOR BEQUEST RECEIVED We were pleasantly surprised when on July 7th, the treasurer received a check for a sum of $25,000 from the attorneys representing the estate of former family member, Stanton H. Whitman of Massachusetts. Stanton was born June 31, 1916 and passed, May 14, 2010. Stanton was interested in his Wing family heritage and provided for the gift in his will. During the same month we received another donation, of $5000 for use in providing storm windows to protect the old windows in the Fort House during the off-season, from a living member, who seeks no recognition.

Members are encouraged to consider providing in their end of life planning for a bequest to the WFA for the maintenance and preservation of our historic Fort House and property. Members needing assistance can contact the President.

DISTRICT REPRESENTATIVE NEEDED District #6 Representative, William H. “Bill” Wing, has resigned due to ill health. We wish him good health. We thank him for his dedicated service to the family. This leaves a vacancy in the district, which includes the states of Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Any member living within this district interested in volunteering to become the representative should contact the President, at

I would also like to publicly thank resigning District 1 representative, Marcia A. Wing for her service to the WFA. I’m sure Marcia will still be a frequent attendee of the reunions on the Cape. Also thanks to Margaret “Peg” G. Rasmussen, our resident agent, who has resigned as she is considering moving away from Massachusetts.

WELCOME A big welcome is extended to, Judith C. Allen of Strong, ME., our new Recording Secretary, Genevieve Rowles our new Assistant Editor, and Albert Glasstetter of Dennisport, MA., our new District 1 Representative. Albert will also represent the WFA to the Sandwich Museum Coalition and serve as the resident agent. Their service will be greatly appreciated.

I will close this letter with wishes for everyone to have a Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas. Also a quick and full recovery for a couple of special friends, Mary Nita and Randall.

Cousin Prez,

Hal Wing