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Basic Wing History 101

This section is for those of you who have just realized a need to know more about your Wing family roots. This is basic Wing History 101. However, for as much as we have discovered of our history, there is still so much to research and to learn. Please, don't think that we know it all because we don't.

Our history, as far back as we can go with any certainty and proof, takes us to the village of Banbury, Oxenshire, England to the home and Tailor Shop of our ancestor, Matthew Wynge. Matthew was born about 1548 presumably in England. Matthew's wife and the mother of all of his children was Mary. That is one of the things left to discover, Mary's last name. At this point in time we haven't a clue.

For our purposes, we need to turn the calendar back to January 12, 1584 where we would find Matthew, Mary and their two sons, Fulke and Thomas and their two year old daughter, Elizabeth, in the chapel of the medieval St. Mary's Church where they are celebrating the baptism of thier infant son, John. This infant male would be our ancestor, the Reverend John Wing.

At the age of fourteen John Wing entered Oxford University; "John Wynge of Oxon, pleb. St. Alban's Hall, 15 October, 1599, aged 14." He accomplished his studies and on February 12, 1603, Queen's College invested him with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. It would be interesting to know what he did between his graduation in 1603 and 1609, but there again, that is something yet to be learned. What we do know is that he married Deborah Bachiler about 1608/09.

Deborah Bachiler Wing was born about 1592 at Wherwell, Hampshire, England, the daughter of Reverend Stephen Bachiler and his wife, Anne Bates (?). Anne's last name is yet to be proven conclusively. You will learn much about Rev. Stephen Bachiler as you delve deeper into your Wing history written by more accomplished writers than myself. Suffice it to say that the good reverend is just one more reason to be proud of your heritage.

What we are sure of at this time is that Rev. John Wing and his wife, Deborah had four sons and one daughter. We have reason to believe that there were more but, once again, we haven't the proof to support that theory. The family was well traveled and moved frequently as John Wing's ministry took him to a variety of exciting places. The family finally wound up at the Hague in Holland where Rev. John Wing became a minister of some importance. He preached to the Winter Queen, Queen Elizabeth of Bohemia, the daughter of King James the First. Rev. Wing also wrote five books of sermons that have recently become available. We have also learned very recently that he communicated with the Ambassador of England to the Hague, Sir Dudley Carleton.

Sometime around 1628 or 1629 the Wing family returned to England and settled in London. We know this because Rev. John Wing wrote his will at his home in the Parish of St. Mary's Aldermary, London England on November 2, 1629. From his books and the letter that he wrote to Sir Dudley Carleton we have reason to believe that Rev. John Wing had not been in the best of health for a long time. Finally, in late July or early August, Rev. John Wing, our patriarch, succumbed to his illness and died at the approximate age of forty-six. Sadly, we have yet to learn where Rev. John Wing is buried.

Deborah Bachiler Wing was left a widow at the approximate age of thirty-eight, with one daughter, Deborah, who was married and four sons who were not married. Her oldest son, John Wing would turn nineteen about a month after his father's death, Daniel Wing, the second son, would have been about thirteen by our estimation, Stephen, the third son, was about nine years old, and the baby, Matthew, was about two years of age. (For the most part these ages are approximations. And we are almost certain there were more children but evidently they did not survive to adulthood.)

Deborah must have spent the next two years struggling to get her own affairs in order. Perhaps she buried a child during that period of time, we may never know but we can be assured that her heart and mind were sorely taxed with the job of raising her children, managing her dead husband's business affairs and planning for the voyage that would take her and her sons to the new world which was referred to as New England.

We don't know how keen Deborah was to transplant herself and her sons in New England but we do know that her father, Rev. Stephen Bachiler, was determined to go there and that he was also determined that his children and grandchildren would join him. Which is how it happened that in March of 1632, Rev. Stephen Bachiler, his third wife, Helen Mason Bachiler, and Deborah Bachiler Wing, her four sons, John, Daniel, Stephen and Matthew, among many others, boarded the old wine ship, the William & Francis, and spent eighty-eight days floundering across the Atlantic ocean. Our weary, seasick ancestors arrived at Massachusetts Bay Colony on June 5, 1632.

We have a lot to thank Rev. Stephen Bachiler for but most particulary is because it was his determination that caused you to like baseball games, sing the National Anthem and vote Republican or Democrat. We cannot prove it at this time but we have every reason to believe that Rev. John Wing was also instrumental in the whole saga of the Wing migration. Had he lived, there is little doubt that Rev. Wing would have been aboard the William and Francis also.

The Wing family settled first at Lynn (Saugus) and finally made their way to Sandwich, Massachusetts, where our roots are so deeply embedded that the place is almost a shrine for the Wing family. It seems almost as though no matter how far removed we are from that place or how many years have passed since that time, Sandwich, Massachusetts is Home. It is where the Wing boys became men, took wives, buried their mother, and fathered children. Only one Wing son returned to England and that was Matthew, the youngest. John, Daniel and Stephen remained.

If your last name is Wing or you have a known descent from someone by the name of Wing, you are very likely descended from one of those three brothers, John, Daniel or Stephen.

Like I said earlier, this is Basic Wing History 101. There is so much more I could share but then you wouldn't have the joy of exploring. Check out the links on the main page. Go to the Wing Family Online Library, visit Raymond T. Wing's extensive Online Database that contains nearly every Wing member you would ever want to know about. Join the Wing Meeting Place where we all get together and send pictures, post files and exchange emails and make genealogy a lot of fun. Join the Wing Family of America which is proudly going on 109 years old.

Come to the reunion this summer which will take place at Chattanooga, TN. Or, join us next year, or join us in the following years, the places will be given on this website. We welcome you to the family and we are so happy that you have arrived. We want to share what we have learned with you and we so hope that you will share your history with us. It is important that we collect as much history from family members as possible.

If you are a male and your last name is Wing you might be interested in the Y-DNA program that is sponsered by the Wing Family of America, Inc. There is a link to the website that is hosted by Raymond T. Wing that will tell you all you want to know about it. It is an exciting biological journey that promises to indicate to the Wing family just exactly where in the world we come from. On the little that we have to go on at this point it seems like our earliest ancestors were Vikings.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. We are a large family with cousins in every state of the union. We cover every spectrum of religious belief and every aspect of education from the highest to the lowest. We have a diversity of ideas and we are now different races and creeds but one thing we do share in common is a pride in the Wing name and the Wing history and that makes us family.

Toni Cox Nash
December 4, 2006
updated Sept. 16, 2010
(My mother was a Wing)

Even as I write this article new discoveries about the Wing family are being that this article is already out of date.

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