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Incorporated JUNE 1902

Wing Family Reunion

The Wing Assembly of Maine is a Sub District of the First District

The officers are:
President -
Susan Gray
Vice President -  Charlie Bradbury 
Treasurer - Kim Bachelder
Secretary - Barbara Brann-Weir
Historian - Raymond T. Wing


first met on October 3, 1987. Elwood and Beatrice Wing, Freda Wing Kelley, and Glenn Wing organized the group. The first meeting of the Assembly was held at the Torsey Methodist Church in Kents Hill, Maine, and had over 60 people in attendance.

The Assembly was called W.A.R.M. in 1990. This stood for “Wing Assembly Representing Maine”. It might have been called that because the meeting the previous fall had been held in a building that had no heat. Everyone about froze and they are still talking about that meeting today. Later, the name was shortened to Wing Assembly of Maine.

Our meetings/ reunions are open to descendants of any of the sons of Rev. John and Deborah Wing, originally from England. We don’t collect dues or issue membership cards. Instead, we “pass the hat” at the annual meetings and accept donations that help pay for reunions and keep our projects going.

After coffee hour, at the beginning of the meeting, everyone gives their names and the line they are descended from. It is interesting to keep track of how many “Johns”, “Stephens”, and “Daniels” we have each year. When the business meeting has concluded, a special program is presented. It’s usually a talk on the history of the Wing family or another historic topic pertaining to Maine and New England in some way. Lunch prepared by a local group or church where our reunion is held is always tasty. In the afternoon, we go on tours of local Wing spots. At one reunion, we had a meet and greet and everyone brought their Wing research and shared with all the cousins.

Wing Assembly of Maine meetings/ reunions are held every year in September and we try to put out a newsletter the month before. Freda Kelley started the tradition when she was the historian and I try to keep it going in her memory. The secretary also sends out announcements with the information about the upcoming meeting. If anyone is interested in receiving newsletters or meeting flyers, please feel free to email me at Provide your name, which line you are from, address, phone, and email, and our secretary will add you to the mailing list.

Jean Bradbury

Historian, Wing Assembly of Maine

“The Lost Villages of Flagstaff Lake”
Authors: Kenny Wing and Alan Burnell

An Arcadia Publication describing the history and flooding of the villages of Flagstaff, Dead River and Bigelow.
Included are details of Walter Wyman’s vision for the creation of Flagstaff Lake and 230 detailed photographs
from private collections and the Dead River Area Historical Society.

It is easy to join the Wing Family of America, Inc.

It is easy to become a member of the Wing Family of America, Inc. (WFA). If you are a blood or adopted descendant of one of the three brothers, John, Daniel or Stephen Wing, you can become a member of the WFA. Wives and husbands of Wing descendants can also become members of the WFA. It is very likely that if your last name is Wing or if your mother or a grandmother had the maiden name of Wing that you are descended from one of the three brothers.

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