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Winner of the "Guess an Item" Contest!

Congratulations to Paula Wing for correctly guessing the item in our February newsletter contest! 


We asked readers to guess what the object in the photo was used for. Several folks came close, but Paula's guess was "dead-center":


"Something that was hand held and could look through to be sure the complete photo would be taken, like to center the photo". You got it, Paula! 

Readers may recall from the August newsletter our article about Simon Wing's success in late nineteenth century politics, business, and photography such as his "multiplying" camera, which revolutionized photography by creating multiple images on a single plate. According to the curator of the Wing Museum, Simon devised the "birdhouse" viewfinder shown here, which one would look through to frame and compose their photo. 


Examples of Simon's cameras and studio supplies, like the birdhouse viewfinder, can be seen in the Wing History Museum. Now would be a great time to consider planning a visit to the exhibit by joining us in Sandwich this June for the 2024 Wing Family Reunion.


If you are interested in learning more about Simon Wing, several articles written by our own present and former curatorial staff are available for purchase through The New England Journal of Photographic History. You can contact them Here.

And be sure to have a try at identifying this issue’s “Guess an Item”!

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1 Comment

Way to go, Paula! Were you able to see the entire object? I never would have guessed that, or made the guess that I did if I were able to see an opening in the far end.

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