A memory journal is a very meaningful gift at a wonderful price! Even before a journal is completed, it is a family conversation starter. Journal writers report that the easy-to-answer questions are specific and are created in a way that causes the memories to come flooding back. Most people end up writing better stories than they ever thought they could! People appreciate the story of how we created these journals and, as sisters, started our own small business. All of our journals are made in the USA.

If you are considering Mom (or Dad) Share Your Life With Me, or Grandma (or Grandpa) Tell Me Your Memories, you now have 2 style choices. The difference is in the layout, design, and price. The inside questions are identical; the same stories will be told. The smaller journals have one question on each dated page, and open up easily because of a spiral binding. The cover can be personalized by replacing the vintage photo inside the front cover with a personal photo or message of one's choice. The Heirloom Editions have hard covers and are not spiral but feature a binding that does allow the journal to lay flat for writing. The book is larger, but not as thick, because each page contains 2 - 3 questions.

Share Your Stories