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What's In A Name?

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

When the newsletter for the Wing Family of America began, it went by the name "The Wing Fort House News". The Communications Committee felt this name was limited and failed to represent so much more of what makes up the history of the Wing family in America besides the Fort House.

Last year we queried the membership for new name suggestions. The input was wonderful, the list of suggestions being both long and creative, and we thank all who participated.

We created a subcommittee dedicated to the naming and chose Window on the Wings. We felt this name was uniquely representative of the early ancestors, the Fort House, and our History Center, as well as our rich heritage over the centuries and the many journeys the family has taken. It takes its name from an aspect of the Fort House, the window, which is a symbol of taking a deeper look inside the history, happenings, and mission of the WFA.

We wanted a graphic to go with the name would tie everything together. We were fortunate to be able to turn to one of our members skilled in design, Julia Martini, daughter of the WFA Representative for District 5, Cathy Kusnier. Julia created a number of designs including the Fort House image we chose. This image symbolizes our earliest existing starting point in America, picks up the recently restored historic red exterior of the Fort House and incorporates elements of colonial red, white, and blue. You will also find that this image changes with the seasons to coordinate with the newsletter publication. As time marches on, Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall – the Wings have endured and weathered it all!

We hope you agree that the new Window On the Wings name for our newsletter is a welcome change that invites you to take a peek inside!

The Subcommittee wishes to thank Julia Martini for her expertise and creativity in designing the graphics for our new name, as well as the entire Communications Committee for their input and help in this transition.

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