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Exciting Update for Photographer Simon Wing Enthusiasts!

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

The New England Journal of Photographic History, 2022, vol 180 Has an Exciting Update for Photographer Simon Wing Enthusiasts!

By Kelsey Cronin, Assistant Curator

For those who have read the 2018 issue of The Journal, published by the New England Journal of Photographic History, or who remember the presentations they provided at our 2018 WFA Reunion in Sandwich - we have exciting news! The 2022 edition of The Journal is again dedicated to the life of Simon Wing. This edition focuses on Simon’s early life, his franchises and the development of his business with his son, Harvey.

The WFA collection is featured in the 2022 editionof The Journal in an article highlighting the Simon & Harvey Wing Photographic Collection at the Wing History Museum. Another article, "S. Wing & Company, Brilliance and Opportunity in the Lives and Work of Simon & Harvey T. Wing," written by previous WFA Curator Randel Mott-Cobb, discusses the story of their 90-year dynasty.

Before the global phenomenon of McDonald's franchises, Simon, established a comparable empire centered on photography across North America, Australia, and New Zealand. At the core of their success was a groundbreaking "multiplying" camera, revolutionizing photography with multiple images on a single plate. Rather than directly selling this invention, Simon devised an intricate network of franchises, partnerships, and affiliations that included not only cameras but also essential studio supplies. Examples of his cameras and supplies can be seen in the Wing History Museum. The Journal explores the personal and professional lives of these trailblazers, exploring Simon's fascinating 1892 run as America's first Socialist Labor Party presidential candidate. With four richly illustrated articles spanning 126 pages, featuring 100 illustrations, and supplemented by 300+ pages of online content, this captivating tale awaits your discovery.

Preview and purchase the issue for $35 at, with discounts available for ten or more copies. For inquiries, contact:

The Journal, an annual benefit for PHSNE members, provides invaluable insights into the world of photographic history. To learn more and join PHSNE, visit All proceeds from the publication support the Photographic Historical Society of New England, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Visit for more information.

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